My Top 10 Digital Productivity Tools

If you’ve read about me, one of my interests is productivity. I am the epitome of “Time is Gold” philosophy. Simply put, I don’t like wasting my time on things that won’t contribute to my growth.

At work, I make sure I manage my time well. Here are 10 tools that I use to increase my effectiveness (better than efficiency):

  1. EvernoteI am an Evernote junkie and type everything there. I use this to type notes during meetings, jot down ideas at work, clip articles and organize them into notebooks. Their premium account is so worth it. You can even search texts within photos. I think I should write a separate post about how I use Evernote to be more productive. I’m in love with this product ūüôā
  2. Google Calendar (and Google apps in general)In my digital marketing agency, we host our emails in Google Apps. It gives you 100G of storage, you can share documents (spreadsheet, docs, etc.) and collaborate online. Their email engine has a very powerful spam filter. I love using Google Calendar since it can sync to my phone and I can send invites to non-Google app users. Another good thing about using GApps is that its integrated with Chrome and has a vast range of extensions you can use to manage your email. A good example is Boomerang which I love to use. It makes follow-ups automatic, a powerful tool especially if you’re into marketing and sales.
  3. WunderlistI use Wunderlist every day to identify my top 3 tasks for the day, list places I find interesting (and check them off once I visit them, sort of like a bucket list for travel), list interesting things that I’m interested in but don’t need at the moment (I generally don’t buy things I don’t need), create a list for each person under me and list down tasks that I have delegated to them just so I could monitor if they’re done with it.
  4. iPhone 6Can’t do business without a phone. I bought my iPhone 6 a year after it came out and still have been using it till now. I’m not the type that likes buying gadgets when they first come out. I wait for my current gadget to die before I buy a new one. I basically use my phone for a lot of things – replying to emails when I’m outside, texting, taking impromptu photos, taking photos of slides in conferences, Wunderlist, navigation, and my favorite – listening to podcasts. I use this also to post photos on my Instagram account @wk.adventures
  5. Jaybird¬†Blue Buds Wireless EarphonesAs mentioned above, I love listening to podcasts. At home, I listen through a braven bluetooth speaker. I’ve been using my braven for over 4 years now and its still working. ¬†If I’m walking my dog, I use the jaybird wireless earphones since it is sweat resistant and I don’t like wires hanging around while I walk with my dog. I also use this to kill time if I’m somewhere waiting for a meeting to start.
  6. WazeManila has one of the worst traffic in the world. I use Waze to outsmart traffic – as their tagline goes. And it really does outsmart traffic 90% of the time. While in traffic, I listen to podcasts to make that time more valuable.
  7. KindleIf you haven’t read yet, I am such a book worm. I read 2-3 books monthly. I also travel a lot so owning a Kindle is a requirement. I also like highlighting and taking notes from the book I read and Kindle makes it easy for me to do it. After reading, I usually transfer all my highlights to Evernote. I use the basic touch screen kindle¬†on a cover with light. The middle button stopped working a few weeks ago so I am looking to buy the new kindle¬†paper white which has the built-in light.
  8. HeadspaceSimple, straightforward meditation app. You can choose from 10, 15 or 20 minutes of meditation (I do 20minutes everyday). You can also select what you want to focus on –¬†I switch between focus and creativity. Checkout the app here.
  9. SpotifyMusic is good for the mind. I use Spotify to listen to instrumental and classical music while at work and 70s, 80s, jazz music while relaxing at home. 70s and 80s music feels nostalgic and somehow makes me happy.
  10. Unroll.meI use to control newsletter subscriptions that are coming in to my inbox. Basically, what it does is it unsubscribes you for senders that you don’t want to receive email from anymore, and sends you a daily summary of emails that you tagged to be sent as a digest, so they don’t appear in your inbox individually.

For a list of productivity books I recommend, you can checkout my favorite books list – these are books that have made a significant impact in my life, I suggest you read each one of them if you’re an entrepreneur and if you want to live happy.